Beginner Scuba Diving Courses

Open Water Scuba Certification Welcome to the first step in exploring the world under water! The Open Water Scuba Certification is where you gain the knowledge and skills to dive with our instructors! This certification level is recognized world wide and allows you to rent or buy scuba gear, dive with boat charter operators and explore an amazing... Find Out More

Advanced Adventure Diver Course Welcome to the most common next step in your scuba diving journey. This certification expands on your open water knowledge & gives you a sample of 5 different continuing education courses where you experience the first dive in each course. When complete, the certification dives will count towards both getting your ... Find Out More

Miscellaneous Courses

Discover (Try) Scuba Diving Our Discover (try) Scuba class is a great way to experience scuba diving in a controlled environment with one of our experienced instructors, without the time commitment required to earn a full certification. Find Out More

Inactive Diver/Refresher Been a while since you’ve blown some bubbles? Your dive skills are perishable and we highly recommend our refresher course if it’s been 1 or more years since your last dive. Our in-depth scuba refresher course includes both an e-learning knowledge refresher and getting in the water and running you through t... Find Out More

Advanced Scuba Diving Courses


Computer Nitrox Course Tired of spending 2 hours on a boat to get to a dive site you can only spend 15 minutes on? Our computer nitrox course will help with that. Once complete, this certification permits you to dive gas mixtures with 22% – 40% oxygen. This provides longer NDL times, safer diving profiles, & helps combat diving fat... Find Out More

Advanced Buoyancy Course Great buoyancy control is what separates new from experienced divers. The ability to control it just by “thinking” about it seems like voodoo, but it comes down to training, knowledge, & experience. Our advanced buoyancy class will not just give you additional control under water, it will help you conse... Find Out More

Deep Diver Course Our deep diver course is one of our most popular classes which certifies you to the maximum recreational depth allowed (130'). Earning your deep diver certification opens up so many different locations that are inaccessible by most divers. You’ll be certified to tour amazing North Carolina wrecks like the U35... Find Out More

Wreck Diving Course Wreck diving is one of our most popular certifications. The North Carolina coast is known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” due to its underwater topology, it’s geography, & WWII shipping lanes. With over 1000 fabulous wrecks accessible via charter boats, your wreck training will teach you how to... Find Out More

Master Diver Rating Master Diver is what we refer to as a rating, not a certification. Only those who have dedicated the time & energy to achieve 4 – 5* distinct specialty ratings (one must be the rescue course).  This is the highest non-professional rating for a diver & is a testament to your passion for diving, acquir... Find Out More

Environment Specific

Drysuit Diver Course Tired of turning into an ice cube while diving? Would like to enjoy diving to deeper depths? Or would you simply like to extend your dive season? Diving in a drysuit is ideal when air temperatures are frigid, regardless of the water temperature (but that is nice as well). We’ll cover not only HOW to dive dry, but... Find Out More

Full Face Mask Course Obtaining your full-face mask certification (FFM) opens up a new diving experience unlike any you’ve had before. Having an increased field of vision, being able to breathe through your nose, or just looking like an awesome diver are all reasons why divers love diving with a FFM. While it’s easy to learn how... Find Out More

Night/Limited Visibility Course Night or Limited Visibility diving is one of our most often asked about classes, both how to get certified & “is it scary?” To answer both questions, it’s easy. Regardless of what body of water you dive in, aquatic life acts completely differently & even the most elusive come out (like our fav... Find Out More

Drift Diver Course Drift Diver | Coming soon Find Out More

Underwater Photographer Course Underwater Photographer | Coming soon Find Out More

DSMB (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy) Course DSMB (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy) | Coming soon Find Out More


Navigation Course Navigation is one of the more underrated but most important diving skills you can hone as a diver. Whether you’re trying to navigate your local quarry, find your way on a massive reef, or out in the open, our underwater navigation course provides you the tools, insight & confidence to find your intended locat... Find Out More

Solo Diver Course At one point or another, many divers have found themselves alone during a dive, whether it was intentional or not. Solo Diving is the practice of self-reliant scuba diving without a “dive buddy. ”Solo diving” is now seen by many experienced divers & some certification agencies as an acceptable pra... Find Out More

Search & Recovery Course Search & Recovery is one of the most useful advanced certifications you can have. There is no feeling like being asked to retrieve something precious, meaningful, or expensive for someone else. Regardless, if a boat lost their anchor, another diver lost their mask, a swimmer lost their wedding ring, or something co... Find Out More

Public Safety Diver Course Public safety diving requires special training & the right mindset. Created by one of the most well-known leaders in the industry, the PADI Public Safety Diver course will teach the fundamental skills required to work as a public safety diver or assist local authorities. Through scenario practice in real-world envi... Find Out More

Rescue Diver Course The rescue diver course is widely known as the most challenging non-professional course in scuba. It changes your diving mentality from being solely focused on yourself to observing everyone in your group for signs of distress or potential problems. You will leave this class with improved diving skills, CPR certificati... Find Out More

Divemaster Course So you’ve finished your Rescue course & you’re still hungry for more knowledge & training? Our Divemaster program is the next step. A common misconception about Divemaster is that you must be insured. This is simply not true. If you plan on actively working as a Divemaster once your complete the cou... Find Out More

Online Dive Theory Online dive theory is, pardon the pun, a very deep dive into dive theory, physics, equipment operation, & more. This class will dramatically expand your understanding of dive physics, physiology, equipment, decompression theory, & dive planning. Any diver can complete Dive Theory eLearning for personal enric... Find Out More

Diving medical certifications

DAN | DFA For Professionals The DAN DFA Pro (Diving First Aid for Professionals) course satisfies (and greatly exceeds) the needed prerequisites for the SDI/PADI rescue courses as well as Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Instructor courses. We highly recommend this 2 day course for all divers. Find Out More

DAN | Basic Life Support The DAN Basic Life Support certification is a prerequisite to our Rescue Diver course. This class teaches basic first aid skills (including CPR for adults, children & infants) and provides the steps to follow for emergency care. This training gives you the knowledge and confidence on how to respond when faced ... Find Out More

DAN | Emergency Oxygen Provider An addition to the emergency first aid courses, the O2 provider certification qualifies you to purchase and/or administer 100% O2. Find Out More